Comic Relief

Below is a link to another page containing a  limited selection of poems taken from a booklet published originally in 2003 and updated and re-issued in 2005 to raise money for Comic Relief.  All poems are protected by copyright – Should you feel the need to have a printed version or would like a copy of the original booklet, then please contact us and we will oblige for a small donation for postage and another for Comic Relief!



Like many people we guess, we don’t often get up off my proverbial to do much for charity and we certainly don’t donate as much as we would like to. 

Since Comic Relief first started, we have religiously bought our red noses and consoled ourselves with the fact that at least that’s a pound in their pockets for each one, always saying, “We’ll do something next year”……

Well next year has finally arrived!

We decided that as we couldn’t donate much in monetary terms, we would donate some time and pull together some of the poems we have written over the years since Comic Relief was first launched.

Some of them are relatively humorous, some are “What a wonderful world we live in” and some are more “This isn’t such a wonderful world after all” – Many of the latter sub-set  were inspired by the images seen during the documentaries and film clips shown during the Comic Relief programmes over the years.

We hope that there is something here for everyone!


Index of Verse


A Northern Christmas                                 


Disposable Lives                                         

Rat Race Blues.                                       

Projects Versus Problems                                                                                      

When Santa Got No Letter                           

Broken Hearted Autumns                                

Shades of Winter                                    

You Can’t Ignore War                             

The Refugee’s Prayer                        

Keeping Up Appearances

Time Out                                                        

The “Sub”                                                      

Life is but a Curry!                                    

Our World?                                                   


Spring’s in the Air                                          

The Canal                                                       

World’s Apart   


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