Full speeches can be written for any occasion either in a non-rhyming style, with a poem as part of the speech or indeed the whole thing in rhyme!


The first example below is taken from a groom’s wedding speech with it forming the central part.


The second example is an entire speech written in rhyme for a couple’s Ruby Wedding Anniversay.


Wedding Day Speech Poem 

Love is…….

Love is seeing.

Love is blind.

Love is gentle.

Love is kind.

Love is tender.

Love is mild.

Love is passion.

Love is wild!!!

Love matures,

Just like a wine.

Love is sharing,

What’s yours is mine!

Love won’t lecture

And love won’t preach.

But real love is…….

Squeezing the spots your partner can’t reach!


Ruby Wedding Anniversary “Speech”

Wedding days are extremely stressful occasions and the 29th July 1961 was no exception.  It had such a profound effect on the best man that he emigrated to South Africa and is still there!


And that is why I am here – I’ve been “volunteered” to say “a few words” –


However, to cram 40 years into “a few words” proved too much of a tall order and I’m afraid I’ve used a few more than a few, so just bear with me…….


I decided that every good speech to should have a title and that the title should sum up the content, so I’ve entitled this one “Ruby – A Definition for Married Life!”


  “Ruby” – A Definition for Married Life!


Now I know what you are all thinking,

That at some convenient time,

I'll break from this endless monologue

And recite a wee ditty in rhyme.          


Well I'm not much one for surprises

And I don't like to disappoint,

So I got out my pen and some paper,

So you, with these words, I'd anoint.


Most folk in this room this evening

Know exactly why we're all here

If you don't, then you're at the wrong party

And I suggest that you soon disappear!


Yes, Shirley and Derek, on Sunday,

Will have been married a whole Forty Years

And if that's not worth celebrating,

It certainly deserves three cheers! (Hip Hip, etc)


Now we all know that this annivers'ry,

Was named "Ruby" long, long ago.

Just why has been lost down the ages,

So I thought that I'd have a go!


I opened the old diction-ary,

To see if it could help out:

It said things like “rare precious stone”

And “red pimple on face or on snout.”


I could see the significance of precious

And even of the word rare.

But not the thing about pimples,

So I scratched at my head in despair!


Was it that pimples are painful

And ugly, unsightly things?

And if you can live through times such as those,

Then this is the rewards that life brings?


Or is it that, with a pimple,

You never know quite what's in store:

Will it burst and splatter the mirror?

Or will it just stay red and sore?


I guess married life can be like that,

But I didn't think that was just why,

This special day is called "Ruby"

So I put down my pen with a sigh.


Then I wrote the word down the side of the page

And realised almost at once,

Each letter stood for something else!

I felt that I'd been such a dunce.


R is for Resilience and for Resolve,

for Richer and poorer as well.

U 's for Understanding each other

And that life's not always this swell.

B is for Balancing, work, rest and play,

And the Books all these years

Y is for Yoyo, for life's ups and downs

The good times, the bad and the fears.


So I think I now know what it stands for

And I hope that you'll all agree,

Shirley and Derek, over the years

Have got this right off to a "T"!


Ladies and Gentleman, please raise your glasses

in a toast to Shirley and Derek!