Here are five examples of poems written for people in respect of various “life events”.  Each one was subsequently “made” into a gift and these can be seen in the “Gift Gallery”.



Double The Trouble


Double the trouble,

Double the fun,

With two little babies,

Instead of just one.


Two lots of bottles

Two little beds

Two little bonnets

For two little heads


Double the nappies

Double the smell

Double the tales

Of which you can tell


Double the mischief

Double the noise

Double the mess

With double the toys


Two little siblings

With whom Kate can play

Mackensie and Lana

Will soon have their say.


Ian and Jo-Ann

Blessed from above

Double the trouble

But double the love!



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A Musical Monument


Like a monument to music,

The  Apollo, it did stand,

Playing host to all the greats

And up and coming bands.


From Johnny Cash to The Stones,

Alex Harvey and Bowie;

Tina Turner; Boomtown Rats;

Rod Stewart, Slade  and Free.


The stage stood high at 20 feet;

On huge crowds they looked down.

They’d bring the noise to such a pitch,

The balcony bounced around!


Tambourines and rose petals,

Guitars and so much more,

Were flung out to the masses,

Cheering from the floor.


Sell out crowds of thousands,

Meant “bum quotas” were met,

Earning acts an “SRO” –

A yearned-for statuette!


For nigh on 16 years it stood:

A piece of history,

Living on through book and film

And “apollomemories” (.com)!



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One Hundred Not Out!


One hundred years! – What a milestone!

A full century not out!

You’ve seen many a Prime Minister,

Come and go, without a doubt.


Two World Wars and more as well;

You’ve lived right through them all:

There’s many a tale that you could tell

‘Bout past times you recall.


The world’s been ever-changing,

With new technology,

But one thing’s been constant;

Your love for family.


So on this great occasion,

We’ve gathered just to say,

How much we all do think of you

And to celebrate this day!



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The House of the Butterfly.


There is a house that's made of stone,

It’s built a-way up high.

Standing steadfast and alone;

The House of the Butterfly.


It’s outside’s cold and charcoal grey,

It’s window’s, like glass eyes,

Stare blankly down day after day

As lost lambs bleat their cries.


A river twists and turns along

The valley floor below.

The wind blows back its own sweet song -

Through conifers it blows.


Inside the house, the fire burns bright,

Flames crackle, spit and roar.

Embers glow and shed their light –

Hot steel upon the floor.


An orchestra of nature sings,

Beneath a springtime sky.

Conducted by the Admiral’s wings,

From the House of the Butterfly



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Life’s Stage


The World’s your oyster, so they say,

Now you have reached eighteen:

You’ve things to see and plans to make;

You’ve dreams that you must dream.


And as life’s play unfolds for you,

May you find each page,

Holds for you the sort of role,

You wish for on life’s stage.



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